Option B. Unattended Delivery Ferry Shipment
Boat Shipment
Luebeck – St. Petersburg
Aarhus – St. Petersburg
England, France – St. Petersburg

Broker support recommended.

Sending the boat unattended to St.Petersburg is simple and just a bit more expensive. Pre-requisite is to hire a customs and logistics broker that will take care of all the paperwork and deliver your boat directly at the venue and from venue back.
Antwerpe –St.Petersburg–Antwerpen
Return: approx. 4150 EUR (2200 +1950)

Tilbury – St Petersburg – Tilbury
Return: approx. 4450 EUR (2250 + 2000)

Luebeck – St Petersburg – Luebeck
Return: approx.3905 EUR (2050 + 1850)

Bilbao – St Petersburg – Bilbao
Return: approx.7200 EUR (3450 + 3750)

Included: Return ferry freight, A.T.A.Cartnet (approx. 1500€), Road delivery to/from yacht-club in SPB (approx. 300€), port forwarding (200€), custom clearance (approx. 300€).
Not incl.: Road delivery in Europe

Unattended Delivery Documents Required.
Ferry Shipment and Customs Broker will take care of it. We strongly recommend that you use an experienced broker.

1. Cartnet ATA
2. Power of Attorney
3. Invitation of the Organizers
4. Letter to Customs
5. CMR Document (with Carnet Number)
6. Passport of Driver (copy)
7. Ownership/registration papers for the car and trailer (copy)
8. Inspection certificate (original + copy)
9. Photos of the boat (with HIN number)
10. Customs Identification Letter

Sample Cartnet ATA (with translation):
Border Control Documents Required
1. Passport
2. Visa (see Visa)
3. Invitation
4. Return Ticket
5. Medical Insurance

Paris – St Pertersburg – Paris
Hamburg – St Petersburg – Hamburg
München – St Petersburg – München

Flight time: 2.30 – 3.30 hours
Price incl Tax: approx. 320 Euro

Copenhagen – St Petersburg – Copenhagen
Flight time: 2 hours
Price incl Tax: approx. 450 Euro

London – St Petersburg – London
Flight time: 3.30 hours
Price incl Tax: approx. 400 Euro

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