Saint Petersburg Yacht Club invites teams to participate in the Marblehead Trophy 2020!
As you know, in 2020 this high-profile Dragon competition for the right to own the cup of Marblehead (USA) will be held in Russia for the second time. On June 17-21, The Marblehead Trophy will be hosted by St. Petersburg Yacht Club.

Russia appeared in the Marblehead Cup geography in 2018, when the team of the multiple Russian champion Anatoly Loginov won the trophy in Denmark. According to the Cup's founding documents back from 1929, the right to hold the next Marblehead Trophy draw was given to St. Petersburg Yacht Club.

The Marblehead Trophy 2019 competition was held on July 20-23, with 21 teams from 8 countries participating. A titled sportsman Dmitry Samokhin, who represented the Hercules Yacht Port, was the winner. The Historical Commission of Marblehead (Massachusetts, USA) congratulated Samokhin on the victory.

There are close ties between the hercules Port and the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg, which is why at the end of 2019 the Port transferred the right to organize the competition to the Yacht Club: it has sufficient experience, facilities, and opportunities to host such competitions.

Preparation for the Marblehead Trophy 2020 has already started. Therefore, St. Petersburg Yacht Club invites Russian and worldwide clubs to announce their teams for participation in the competition. According to the Cup's rules, each club can be represented by only one team.

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